White Knights of the Manosphere – feat. Penis Mushroom

More White Knights form the bowels of the Manosphere!

A handy reminder of what the fuck I’m talking about

Cox or Coxcomb


1. The red, flappy, useless piece of skin atop a rooster’s head.
2. Two cocks.

SJH or Social Justice Hindrance


1. One who opposes, either actively or passively, the progression of concepts like human rights or equality.



1. A man who is also a testicle.
2. A person who, when kicked, squeezed or otherwise jostled, crumbles like a 40 gallon drum under the influence of epic air pressure brought about by a rapid phase in the steam held within.

Alpha Male


1. A man who is buggy and unrefined. The tend to live in their mother’s basement and lead cult-like followings in the art of… sexually assaulting women.

*Hair Colour* Phallus


1. A person who has a certain hair colour but is also a penis.

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