Turning over to awaken the kundalini

Easy to follow clear instructions. How to become a multi orgamic man by Mr Cox. These sexercise will show you how to Cumm like a warrior. Spending five minutes a day doing the exercises will help you maintain a healthy mind, body and soul, and achieve ejaculations that could only be described as uncontrollable, juddering, screaming multi orgasmic pleasure re-connecting you to your original sacred sexual self, where heaven is to bask in Gods love with no need to control, or be described, as anything other than, that, that is f**king divine. The great thing about this ritual is you can do it anywhere as you don’t have to be naked. The best time to practice these techniques is when you are having a Sensual Tantric massage, also available for men in London http://malemassages.co.uk
how to become a multi orgamic man by Mr Cox

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