Surgery and Penis Enlargement – What Every Man MUST know Surgery and Penis Enlargement – What Every Man MUST know To begin this particular exercise, simply contract your PC muscles tightly once again and hold the squeeze for 2 seconds. Then, keep doing this for 10 sets and take a break for a minute. 5 sets of these 10 sets would be the perfect amount for this particular exercise.

If you want to finish your penis enlargement exercises as quickly as possible, Rapid Fire would be the perfect option for you because it doesn’t take up too much time. Simply add more repetitions to your workout regime, depending on how much time you have to spare per day.

It goes without saying that there are a lot of other penis enlargement exercises out there. As mentioned before, though, you can choose which ones you want to do and follow to suit your personal lifestyle. Ideally, you should try and mix up your workout choices, so you can try them all out and see which ones give you the results that you want.

Of course, you should heed what your body tells you, too. If you feel pain at any point while doing your penis enlargement exercises, simply stop doing them. Don’t train too much, either. Some men think that exercising their manhood for a longer amount of time will help them attain results faster, but this isn’t the case – remember that. The muscles in your penis need rest as much as other muscles do, so save some time for rest every week.

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