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Do You Want to Increase the Size of Your Penis? Most Effective Penis Enlargement Methods Revealed

Whether they actually have a small penis or simply aren’t satisfied with their penis size, a lot of men out there want to learn how to increase the size of their penis. Well, here are the most effective penis enlargement methods revealed:

1. Natural Penis Enlargement Methods

Naturally, natural penis enlargement would be the safest kind of enlargement method out there. However, you might not know that it has some of the best results, as well. In a nutshell, natural enlargement can increase the size of your penis by sending more blood into it with the help of penis exercises. Similar to building muscles, you will start to feel an increase in your penis size after about a month of doing these exercises and a few months after that, you will be able to see an increase in both penis girth, length and overall size. Your results may depend on your overall health status, too, though.

Still, these exercises can usually increase the size of your penis with ease and speed. You simply have to know the right procedures to use in order to get the most productive results out of them. Two of the most effective penis enlargement exercises, for example, would be jelqing and Kegel exercises.

Jelqing involves regularly stretching your penile tissues in order to strengthen your penile muscles and make your penis bigger in the long run. Kegel exercises, on the other hand, focus more on strengthening your PC muscles, which are also used to control your urine flow. To do Kegel exercises, simply tense your PC muscles for a few seconds every day and then relax them afterwards.

2. Enlargement Pills

Some pills in today’s market use various herbs and vitamins that can increase the blood flow and the blood pressure inside your penis to make it bigger, as well. You have to be very healthy before you use these pills on a regular basis, though, since some of them are known to come with various side effects.

Aside from your health, you also have to think about why you want to increase the size of your penis to begin with. If you would simply like to experience better sex, then you might want to combine penile exercises with penis enhancement supplements to get the best results. Ideally, you should look for organic male supplements with potent enhancement ingredients, though.

3. Surgery

Now, the fastest way to increase the size of your penis would be to result to surgery. However, surgery is the most expensive enlargement out there and usually comes with various risks, so you might want to think long and hard before resulting to this particular method. In general, though, there are two kinds of penis surgery out there. The first kind would be length enhancement, which can involve different techniques, like penile disassembly and ligamentolysis. Either way, this kind of surgery aims to make the penis longer. Girth enhancement, on the other hand, involves injecting fat in the penis to make it look thicker.

4. Penis Weights

Penis weights are very popular tools for penis enlargement, as well. Basically, all this constitutes is tying weights around the head of your penis for a certain amount of time in order to stretch it and thus make it longer. As you can see, penis enlargement methods can constitute various things. However, they usually have the same goals, including an increase in sexual stamina, libido and better sexual performance. Overall, the most vital thing to remember, though, would be your safety. So, make sure you choose the most effective yet safest method to increase the size of your penis with. Think smart.

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