How to Grow a Long Penis – Study of Human Penis Growth

This is one of 30 penis extension exercises that use stretching and massage to increase penile length.

this one exercise by it self will help you to grow very slowly and naturally as you grow up, but for more rapid gains you should use the site I recommend.

This video demonstration is designed to show how anyone can grow a longer penis, it is designed for ages 13 and up.

how to know if you need to use these penis enlargement exercises.
Age 18 if less then 8 inches, use it
age 17 if less then 7 inches, use it
age 16 if less then 6 inches, use it
age 15 if less then 5 inches, use it
age 14 if less then 4 inches, use it
age 13 if less then 3 inches, use it

all measurement are made erect

many of you will be way ahead of this curve to start with, but as you grow larger, diet, and exercise will cause your body to shift its priorities from to grow you here, or there (legs, arms, body, and all the ravages of puberty)

it is natural to be a little awkward at this time in your life so do not worry about it, it will pass.

do not buy any programs to enlarge your penis, even the one I recommend UNTIL you are 16 and need to get at least 1 inches or want to grow your girth, correct curvature, penis twist, cure ED or erectile dysfunction, cure premature ejaculation or other penis related issues.

Now I hope this documentary has been education and entertaining to you, it was my hope to put this out to you in a fun and understandable way.

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