Women Prefer Men With Larger Penis! Discover How To Enlarge Your Penis Using Your Hands Only!


Women Prefer Men With Larger Penis! Discover How To Enlarge Your Penis Using Your Hands Only!

It is a fact that most women prefer men who have larger penises. The reason for this is that a man with a larger penis will be able to satisfy a woman more effectively than a man with a smaller penis. Those of you who fall into the latter bracket need not worry. There ARE ways to enlarge your penis. Read on and discover what options you have and which will be best for you.

There are pills on the market that claim to enlarge your penis. These pills are not able to lengthen your penis, but only to make it harder during an erection. These pills are great for men who suffer from erectile dysfunction because they will enable them to have an erection prior to sexual intercourse. These pills can enhance blood circulation in the penis enabling an erection, without lengthening the penis.

Then there are pumps and extending devices that usually produce absolutely no results. They are able to lengthen the penis, but only temporarily. These devices are also known to have certain side effects as well. Some men are reported to have experienced penile bruises, blisters, discoloration, as well as other side effects, after using these devices. In short, these devices are ineffective, unsafe, and expensive and will not enlarge your penis.

For a really effective way to enlarge your penis, there is the other option of hand exercises. They are safe, very effective, and won’t cost you anything at all. Simply by holding the tip of the penis between the thumb and index finger and stretching it in all directions every day – this takes about 20 minutes, you will gradually enlarge your penis.

These exercises, together with jelqing exercises, will enlarge your penis naturally up to about eight inches long over a few weeks. Jelqing involves making a circle with your thumb and forefinger and stretching the penis from base to tip.

Do these exercises on a daily basis. Remember that you won’t see results overnight so have patience and persevere. After a few weeks you will begin to see the results of your efforts. The great thing is that when your penis is the length you want it to be, you can stop doing the exercises, knowing that your new sized penis is forever.

Are you happy with a current size of your penis? Do you know that you can permanently enlarge your penis using your hands only in the comfort of your home?

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