Top Penis Stretching Device

These things are sort of like a penis pump, in that you attach them to your penis so to speak, but they work by actually stretching your penis rather than using the air or water that pumps do, as you can probably see from the pictures. While you can’t always be sure what is going to actually help you get a larger and thicker dick, there is actually some data out there on extenders that is pretty encouraging. In the course of our research we came across an article from TIME Magazine…yes, TIME, that suggested researchers did find some evidence that these things could produce PERMANENT results, so check out the link for more info on that study.

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The stretcher we thought looked the most reputable was the SizeGenetics Extender, and there is a ton of stuff available about stretchers online, so we definitely recommend reading up on these devices. So, the good news here is that if you are very persistent, you may have a shot at seeing permanent results, but be prepared to stick with it! But, buyer beware, because not all extenders are created equal – so make sure you’re not buying a lemon!

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