Small Penis To Big Penis In 6 Months
Just think if your penis was able to grow naturally. how about if you were shown how to naturally enlarge your penis? If your penis was longer, how would it change your life? This is something that a lot of guys ask themselves. They wonder, “how may I enlarge my penis”.

Many alternative methods, including stretching exercises, were tried as long as centuries ago by men meaning to find a way to make their penises longer.

Men feel that their penis is a direct reflection on their ability to express emotional and physical love, so it’s not hard to understand that men want a sexual tool that is sufficiently big and firm for the satisfactory illustration his love.

Some of the techniques used for this purpose include stretching and milking or dry pulling a little penis. The pulling technique is applied by outwardly pulling or stretching the penis when it’s partially erect far enough to where it becomes uncomfortable. This technique should be applied daily for the best results and is something that most guys don’t know about. especially those asking, “how may I enlarge my penis”.

Wet milking is a technique on how to make your penis grow naturally. You will need some kind of lubricant. It’ll aid you get the results you want. The first step in using the wet milking technique to naturally enlarge your penis is to lubricate the insides of your hands with a lotion, petroleum jelly, or oil (not soap) then arrange your fingers into an “OK” sign. The next step is to make your hand slide up to your scrotum, and while applying a gentle squeezing pressure along the shaft, move your hand downward until it is at the line below the head. Repeat the technique with the opposite hand, gently squeezing for about 5 seconds to manipulate your penis.

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