Penis Stretching Technique That WORKS

Basic Penis Stretch Instructions

Firstly, grasp the head of your penis firmly with your hand – you can either use an underhand or overhand grip depending on which feels most comfortable.

Then gently pull your penis straight out in front of you, so that it’s horizontal with the floor. Don’t quickly yank your penis to full stretch, but instead take a few seconds to get there.

Once you’ve stretched your penis to its comfortable limit, hold this position for 10 – 15 seconds before letting go and relaxing.

Wait for 30 seconds or so and then repeat the above forward stretching process.

Continue doing this until you have performed a total of 4, 10 – 15 second stretches.

Once you’ve completed the above 4 horizontal stretches it’s time to relax for a minute or so. Use this time to gently massage the blood back into the head of your penis – which might feel a little cold or numb. This is nothing to worry about – see the tips section below.

Having regained full circulation to the head of your penis, it’s time to continue with the stretching routine as detailed directly below.

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