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Jelqing exercises have been around for centuries. Every man wants to impress their women with a giant penis. Picture being on your first date, dinner was great and the movie was solid. You are now sitting in the car outside her place and she starts to reach inside your pants. You do not want her laughing at your small manhood. If you are looking to increase the length and width of your penis this article is for you. Jelqing exercises are a natural and healthy was to make your penis huge…jelqing:penis enlargement

Looking for some simple and effective technique Jelqing ? Well , you’ve come to the right place !
I’ll explain some techniques Jelqing powerful. I will reveal to you how to prepare , how to lubricate , how to stroke his cock properly, how to heat and eventually tell you when you exercise.

1) Preparation of Jelqing

The most important thing to focus on preparation before Jelqing If you fail to prepare then prepare to fail! Not only do these techniques jelqing be a waste of time , you can see the growth of the penis at all!

jelqing:penis enlargement:So how do you prepare ? Good question , you must first obtain a warm, moist toilet glove. Wrap your penis in her. You should then leave the flannel there for about 30 seconds , then remove. Repeat this about 3 times .

jelqing:penis enlargement:Then wake up a little of your penis to get the best results . This is done by gently stroking his cock to get a slight erection . It is important not to go too far here . You do not want a full erection !

2) How lubricate before Jelqing

The next step is to lubricate your penis can not be friction burns . Gently some lubrication at the base of his penis shaft . Now just have to work the lubrication on the penis .

3) How Stroke your penis correctly

The key to these techniques Jelqing stroking action . The idea is to be firm, but not too much. Firmly grasp your penis at the base. Now slowly slide the tree out of hand. By doing this , you should feel his penis pulse…jelqing:penis enlargement

As you near the penis head slowly. Please make sure you do not go beyond the head of his penis. If you try to do what you will not see the results of these techniques Jelqing . It can also damage your penis !

4) How Jelqing warm down after exercise

Not many people say that the true secrets . That’s why you’ve never heard of warming down. Back calm is essential to relax after exercise. It is necessary to apply a hot, wet towel over your penis. Hold for 30 seconds , then pour cold water over it to cool flannel . Then wrap your penis in flannel for a period of 30 seconds. Repeat this at least 5 times …jelqing

5) How to use these techniques daily Jelqing

For the best results , you should do this every day. Simply this process for 4 minutes a day to really see great results with these techniques Jelqing .

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