How to use the Bathmate
So, does the Bathmate really work?
Before answering this question, I want to remind you about something very important:

“Penis Enhancement is a Marathon, not a Sprint

Results come, but they take effort and persistence from your side. The “Magic Pill” mindset a.k.a. “I want instant results” otherwise I will cry like a baby and quit won´t help you.

Everything good in life whether it is success with girls, getting in shape or penis enhancement, requieres your commitment in the long term.

And Bathmate has guaranteed my commitment to this journey, ensuring that the fun factor remains present. As with everything in life, throughout this journey there will be many times when you just don´t feel the motivation to go through the exercises and have more important things going on in your life that require your full time and focus.

The manual exercises take a lot of time : warm up, stretching, jelquing, warming up again and then having a shower to clean your parts of any kind of lubricant you have used. This process my take anywhere from 45-60 minuites.

Going through the same training, 3 to 4 times a week can become boring and can take up a lot of time. Variety is key to ensure the fun element. And here is where the Bathmate comes into play, it is so compatible with your lifestyle, you just get into the shower, warm up for 5 minuites, and then get inside the pump. If you want, you can also buy a shower strap, that will hold the pump for you.

Bathmate gives you a maximum expansion of the smooth muscle, as a result you will gain girth fairly quickly. As oppose to other air pumps which maybe dangerous, bathmate uses the power of water. Filling your Bathmate with warm water helps to cushion and lubricate the penis as it expands, making it the safest of pumps to use.

Although Bathmate claims that the pump will help you gaining girth and length as well as improve your erection, the truth is that Bathmate has only helped me to gain girth. Many users reviews have also agreed on the same point. So if gaining girth isn´t your goal, I wouldn´t invest in the Bathmate.

Bathmate Isn´t A Substitute For Jelquing
As I have previously said, in your Penis Enhancement journey, there will be phases when you have more important things going on in life that require your full focus and time, your motivation to reach your enhancement goals will fluctuate and sometimes it will fall. But working out with the Bathmate is so easy and fun. If you have time to take a shower you might also take the Bathmate with you.

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