How to Grow Your Penis – Increase Penis Size Successfully

Also, I recommend you reading the bestselling guidebook for Grow Your Penis – Penis Growth Guide:
Penis Growth Guide Reviews – Does it Really Work?
If you want to increase your penis size safely through tried and true exercises then the Penis Growth Guide is a good choice. This is a downloadable e-book that you can read on your computer or mobile device and it provides a good amount of material that cannot be found elsewhere. There is no fluff in this guide at all – no illustrations or videos but it is very useful non-the-less!
What is it?

This is not a system per se, it is a guide that presents various penis enlargement workout routines that are carried-out using your hands. The Penis Growth Guide covers many important topics such as proper warm-ups to advanced length and girth building techniques. There are 18 chapters (98 pages) in all covering all aspects of penis enlargement plus some that are designed to help you sexually. While there are no illustrations provided, I found that the information was clear and descriptive enough for me to do all of the exercises without any problems.

Dozens of different exercises and variations
Beginning to advanced weekly workout plans
Penis lengthening techniques
Penis girth building techniques
Stamina building methods
Ways to stop premature ejaculation
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In the guide you will discover lots of different types of penis stretching exercises such as the Twirl and the Pull and Slap. Wet and dry Jelqing techniques are also discussed and have been shown to permanently increase the size of the penis. Most guys are after some added length so there are plenty of exercises for that purpose. Girth enlargement is also addressed and this guide offers a very rigorous advanced routine that utilizes eight different techniques to get results.
I like that the author discusses the importance of warming-up and warming-down and not over-doing things so as to avoid bruising. They stress the point of giving your penis a rest between workouts!
More Information

Other items of interest are glans enhancement, PC muscle exercises, and a curvature straightening routine. There are three pages dedicated to Pubococcygeus (PC muscle) exercises alone and the author explains why strengthening this area is very important and should not be ignored. Several different exercises are explained in detail and challenge the target area very effectively.

The e-book concludes with a 62 workout plan that I found challenging and should yield excellent results. According to the Guide’s website, there is a very high success rate among its customers. There is also a 60 day money back guarantee if you do not see any results within that time.
My Recommendations

While going through this material I noticed that the author mentioned the use of male enhancement pills in order to aid in increasing blood flow and helping to stimulate penis growth while doing the exercises. The supplements are optional but I feel that they are important as well and I would recommend MaleExtra. MaleExtra is very high-quality and I have seen good results from its use.

If you want to take things even further and can afford it, I would check out either a Penomet or Bathmate penis pump. See our reviews for more. I believe that suppliments + exercises + penis pump = MAXIMUM SIZE!
My Final Thoughts

While reviewing the Penis Growth Guide, I found it informative and useful. There is nothing fancy here so don’t expect a lot of bells and whistles. It is a fairly well written guide that is easy to understand and use. There are no false promises made and they tell you flat out that this is going to take a little dedication and time.

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