If you want a larger penis, then I am assuming that you already know that every woman prefers big penises to small ones. You can’t blame women for preferring larger penises to small or average ones. The truth is that guys with big penises usually give women a million times more sexual pleasure than guys with small ones. Right now, what must be going through your mind is how can you acquire a larger penis safely and affordably?
Just like you, a few years ago I was very desperate to get a larger penis. I used a few penile enlargement products that only ended up giving me sores on my penis. I did not see even 1cm increase in my penile length while using these useless products. There are different brands of creams, lotions, pumps, pills and… devices being sold through the internet and all being touted as being able to grant your wish of a larger penis. Most of these products would not give you a larger penis permanently.
Performing natural penile enlargement exercises only takes about 10 – 15 minutes of your time 3 – 5 days a week. The only equipments you need are your two hands. I am talking from my own personal experience when I say that natural penile enlargement exercises are very effective in giving you a stronger and larger penis. When you do these exercises regularly, you force your penile tissues to expand and elongate by applying force with your hands. This causes little tears in your penile tissues and stretches the ligaments attaching your penis to the pubic bone. When you are resting, the ligaments and tissues heal and re-grow to bigger and stronger sizes. natural penile enlargement exercises are not new. They were used centuries ago by men of ancient African and Arabic tribes to get a larger penis before marriage.
I am sure you must be curious to know how natural penile enlargement exercises work in giving you a larger penis, when all you need are your hands. Here is a simple description of how to perform a basic natural penile enlargement exercise called the. Soak a face towel in warm water and wrap around your penis for about 10 minutes. Apply a generous amount of lubricant on your penis. It could be Vaseline, baby oil or any lubricants that does not dry up easily. Massage your penis till you achieve a semi erection. Grab the base of your penis firmly with the thumb and fore finger of your right hand. Slide your right hand along your penis shaft towards the head of your penis. The moment you reach the penis head, change hands and repeat the same movement with your left hand this time.
The is a simple and very effective natural penile enlargement exercise that must be used in combination with other effective natural penile enlargement exercises for you to see impressive penile growth.
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