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While Jelqing may seem like a simple technique, you may find that you’re not comfortable performing it until you have had a couple of weeks of practice.

Things you should know and expect:
* Do not perform any PE exercise without warming up first.
* Unless you’re performing a dry jelq, use lubricant when jelqing. Do not use any kind of soap. Lotion, baby oil, Vaseline, and cocoa butter are all good products that are popular for jelqing.
* A jelq should be performed on a semi erect penis, but not a fully erect penis until you have gained a great deal of experience and you feel that your progress has gotten to the level that an erect jelq is something your penis can withstand. Do not continue with an erect jelqing session if it seems exceedingly strenuous on your penis.
* Making your penis bigger takes time. I cannot express the importance of being patient. Don’t become too eager, you’ll only be disappointed. A bigger penis is worth however long it takes you to get it—you’ve lasted this long with what you have now, what’s another five, six, seven months—another year or two or three?
* You may get red spots or find that you have the Doughnut Effect at the base of your glans. Please see the PE Jargon thread to learn what red dots and the Doughnut Effect are.
* After a nice jelqing session, your penis will probably look thicker and longer than normal. This can be a boost for the ego and encouraging for your PE experience, but realize that this impressive side effect will subside and your penis may actually shrivel, not unlike when you get into a cold pool. It’s perfectly normal and nothing to cause alarm.
* You may find it difficult to jelq without becoming aroused or ejaculating. Practice will help you overcome this common beginner-affliction. In the meantime, you may want to try dry jelqing, described below. One useful way of resisting full erections is to squeeze (don’t hurt yourself) your penis to deter the erection.

A. Jelqing

I. Hand Positioning
There are two common ways of holding the penis while performing a jelq.
1. O Grasp Make an O around the base of your penis with your thumb and index finger.
2. Pincher Grasp Using your thumb and index finger, place the thumb on the bottom of your penis and your index on the top of your penis. Your thumb and index finger should make a line that is, for the most part, horizontal Also, some people prefer to perform this style of grasping with the palm facing the top of the penile shaft. Your thumb and index finger should be pointing down (vertical). Performed this way, your thumb and index should be positioned as if you are reaching for some small item, such as a grape.

**Note: I find that using both hand positions mentioned above are the most effective. Starting with the “pincher” grasp is useful to get blood into your penis so that it is semi erect. Once the penis is thoroughly filled with blood, 50%-80% erect, I switch to the O grasp and continue with my session.

II. Jelqing In Action
After you have your hand positioned and your penis grasped, stroke toward your glans, allowing it to terminate at the glans. Do not proceed beyond the rim of your glans with your stroke.

Now that you have an idea of what a jelq is and how to perform one, you need to learn what a jelqing session actually is. Jelqing requires both hands, unless you only have one, to have maximum results. With the end of each stroke, you begin a new one with the other hand. Alternate each hand as you stroke. You’ll most likely realize that jelqing can be a tiresome activity; however, you’ll also condition your arms to be able to survive long PE sessions. Unless you have a coat of fat over your arms, I suspect you’ll notice an increased muscularity with your arms.

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