Bathmate Hydro douche – Full Bathmate Video on How to use Bathmate Penis Pump

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This bathmate video and full bathmate review is an excellent instructional video showing you:
– how to put together the bathmate hydro pump (principles of this video apply to all the bath mate pumps)
– how to use bathmate penis pumps
– how to clean your bathmate x30, hydrodouche, x40, Xtreme, again applies to all the bathmate pumps.

Putting together your bathmate hydro pump is important so that the product functions at it’s best. Also it is to make sure you use the bathmate safely, avoiding any unnecessary injuries. As this bathmate video shows, it’s pretty straight forward. You just need to assemble your bathmate by attaching all the parts as shown in the video, and you’re reading to start penis pumping and enlarging your penis instantly!

How to use Bathmate Hydro Pump?
Again the principle of penis pumping using a bathmate hydro pump remains the same across all the bathmate products. You fill the shaft with water, either using the bathmate in the shower or in the bath, then insert your penis in semi-erect state and use the pumping mechanism at the base of the shaft to increase pressure and create a vacuum. This causes the penile tissue to expand and your penis grows in length and width.

Do penis pumping exercises in between your sessions of using the bathmate. Basic penis exercises such as jelqing helps you increase your permanent gains, so you’ll see more permanent penis enlargement in short space of time. This video shows some basic penis exercises and jelqing techniques:

How to clean your bathmate?
Again the same cleaning principles apply, whether you’re using the bathmate hydromax, bathate x30 or x40, or the new bathmate Extreme. You need to make sure your bath mate gets cleaned on a regular basis. Won’t go into detail on this, just watch the full length of this bathmate video and it’s shown in detail how to clean your bathmate.

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