4091BC P2 Sec01B PMM Partner Mutual Meditation F714BC Part 2

For partners, couples or people who have full trust only
Original experimental video is clothing-optional (one or both nude)
Blurring may apply on public sections for all ages public viewing.
4091BC P2 Sec01B PMM Partner Mutual Meditation F714BC Part 2
Thigh Forward Stretch Meditation

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Procedures of Section 01 –
Female Lying Down Facing Up; Thighs Split Stretching Forwards
Feet Crossing Thighs Stretching Forwards
Single Thigh Stretch Lymph Drainage Acupressure
Inferior Inguinal Nodes Groins Mons Pubis Bladder
Right Thighs Stretching Forwards
Lying Pose Preparation for Partner Mutual Meditation

4091BC P2 has 36 Sections (Each number has A and B sections):
Section 01 – Thigh Forward Stretch Meditation
Section 02 – G1 Jasmine Oil Healing Lymph Acupressure Chest Nodes Breasts
Section 03 – Lymph Drainage Acupressure Pulling Downward Right Abdomen
Section 04 – Lymph Drainage Acupressure Downward Upwards Right Body
Section 05 –
Lateral Lymph Drainage Acupressure Upwards
P52 Rose Effelurage Acupressure Breasts
Section 06 – Lymph Drainage Acupressure Downwards Breasts to Groins
Section 07 – Lymph Drainage Acupressure Downwards Side & Ren-Mai
Section 08 –
Lymph Nodes Vessels Acupressure Downwards
Abdominal Nodes Inguinal Nodes Mons Pubis
Section 09 –
Lymph Drainage Acupressure Patting Scratching Pinching
Vulva Perineum Mons Pubis Groins Abdomen Breasts
Section 10 – Sensual Lymph Acupressure Breasts Nipples
Section 11 – Lymph Drainage Acupressure Digestive System
Section 12 – Lymph Drainage Acupressure Colons Uterus Bladder
Section 13 –
Sensual Energizing Mutual Lymph Acupressure
Male Penis to Female Perineum Groin Thigh
Section 14 –
Sensual Energizing Orgasmic Acupressure
Male Penis Female Mons Pubis Groins
Section 15 –
Sensual Energizing Orgasmic Acupressure
Male Penis Female Thighs
Section 16 –
Sensual Energizing Orgasmic Acupressure
Vaginal Wall Vulva Perineum Clitoris
Section 17 –
Sensual Energizing Meditation Penis Vagina
Section 18 –
Lymph Drainage Acupressure Upwards

This video was produced by AML Research Centre
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