1042 Sec01A SSMA Sensual Stretch Mutual Acupressure FB22 P2

The procedure is recommended for partners or couple. Minimum clothing or no clothing is recommended with room temperature of 24-27 degree C. In 1042 experiment, both partners wear 95%-100% cotton shorts, bikini (female) and short brief (male).

1042 – A tumor prevention experiment for uterus & ovaries
For partners, couples and people who have full mutual trust only
Draping and blurring are effective for public viewing
1042 Sec01A SSMA Sensual Stretch Mutual Acupressure FB22 P2 MtoF
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Partial procedure:
Preparation for Butt Pigeon pose
Lymph Node Vessels Acupressure Thigh inferior inguinal nodes
Perform acupressure on Hui-Yin and vicinities for maximizing energy flow.
Reason: Hui-Yin is the acupressure point between anus and vagina/penis. This is also the point connecting Ren-Mai and Du Mai 2 channels.

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