WARNING! POWERFUL Natural Male Enhancement Subliminal ( ULTRASONIC SUBLIMINAL)

I had been experimenting on various ultrasonic subliminal tracks I created over the past few months. This one is quite strong and I know it because I passed on and mp3 file to a friend who wanted to surprise his wife on her birthday. So we planned to let him listen to it for one month and we were amazed by the length and grit of his shaft.
This file has been carefully compiled and I took more than eight months to use the right affirmations to make the file as effective as possible.
By using this file regularly for one month, (to three months) you can expect to see an increase in the size of your manhood. it is designed to increase the length and grit of the manhood.
you will see a spike in sex drive as it nourishes, tones, rejuvenates, and strengthen the male sex glands. I have added affirmations for HGH too. when it combines with the affirmations I used just to focus on the manhood size increase, there is massive spike in the subliminal performance.
This audio file is ultrasonic, so you wont be able to hear any voice or sound except for the ultrasonic sound that comes with this audio.
Please set the volume at a comfortable level and let it play as long as you want. you can mask the sound by listening to other music, you can play the file on a pair of good headphones or a speaker with more than 20hz while you sleep.
This audio has scripts that makes the file lose its potential once its downloaded. So if you download the videos, they are never going to work as good as listening to them in my channel. for some, it may cause reverse effect. For those of you who want to buy this video, please contact me, I will have it soon uploaded on google play. I can make this video with different background sound if you want.
At any time while you listen to this audio and you suffer from headaches or you feel uncomfortable, STOP! Try to listen to it again with lower volume.
Please enjoy the subliminal and update on the comment section. It will be nice to track your progress!
Thank you!

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