Proximal Penile Hypospadias repair surgery (Onlay island flap urethroplasty)- Dr A.K.Singal, India

Published: dr A.K.Singal, Specialist Hypospadias Surgeon at Hypospadias Foundation
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Hypospadias is classified according to the location of urethral opening into distal penile, midpenile, proximal penile, proximal penile and scrotal hypospadias.
Proximal penile hypospadias is a moderate variety of hypospadias and requires surgical correction ideally between 6 months to 18 months of age. The hypospadias repair surgery can be done using various techniques and in this video Dr A.K.Singal demonstrates Onlay island flap urethroplasty repair in a single stage urethroplasty.
For suitable cases Onlay Island flap repair is the best hypospadias surgery and gives good long lasting results with very less complications of hypospadias surgery.
Dr A.K.Singal is a renowned Pediatric Urologist working in Navi Mumbai and Mumbai area of India. He is regarded as the best hypospadias surgeon. Every year he does more than 200 hypospadias repair procedures for children and adults having hypospadias. Patients travel from all over the world with primary or failed hypospadias to get treated under his care in India.
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