Penis Enlargement – The Easy Way

How does Penis Stretching work?

To the naked eye, Penis extenders look quite simple but it took years of scientific research, testing, and then improvements to develop them into devices that were lightweight, easy to use, and comfortable to wear.

The three main parts of a stretcher are the base, stretching roots, and fixation straps.

deviceOnce the stretching device is attached to your penis, it pulls gently at it (stretching it) little by little. The stretching causes small tears and then cell division to form in the corpora cavernosa of your penis.

New blood cells rush in to repair the damage and, over time, the new tissue bulks up, causing an increase in penis size (length and girth). The longer you use the extender, the more new tissue you will form. Your penis will continue getting bigger and harder as time goes by.

Are Penis Stretchers Safe to Use?
Yes, penis stretchers are safe as long as you select high-quality, medically-tested devices.

safeThe best way to choose a penis extender is to look for a well-known, successful manufacturer of these types of devices & buy one of their best (most successful) products.

You will see lots of knock-off, cheap products on sites like EBay and Amazon but these devices are not what you want. Sure, you may spend less money but you probably won’t see any results and you may be putting your penis at risk of injury.

It’s simply not worth taking a chance like that on a device that’s not medically certified or tested.

Out of the more than 23 penis stretcher products we’ve tested, we picked top 3 that we found to be high-quality, safe to use, durable, and guaranteed to enlarge your penis.

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