Penis Enlargement Like a PRO


Things to know and expect:
* Manual stretching can cause red dots.
* After several weeks or months of stretching it is likely that lig pops will begin to occur.
* Stretching can be aided by using a powder, such as baby powder; certain types of gloves, such as rubber gloves, or snug fitting golfing gloves; a thing wrapping of some kind of cloth, such as a section cut from a t-shirt or a baby sock with the toe-end cut off. However, stretching can also be performed without any aiding material.
* When stretching, one’s LOT should be considered when deciding at which angle to stretch. (See: Bib’s Lot Theory)
* As with all PE exercises, soreness will most likely be experienced at some point.
* Always pull the skin back from the glans as much as possible, especially if uncircumcised. This will allow the penile tissue to be the main recipient of the stretch, rather than the skin around the penis.
* Given the numerous angles possible with stretching, the tension may be felt in various areas of the penis using various angles.
* It is recommended that all stretching be performed while totally flaccid.

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