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I’m no doctor, I’m just an ordinary guy living an ordinary life. I pay taxes, obey the law of the land and don’t ask for too much. One thing that I always wanted was a bigger penis, so I spent nearly $20,000 trying to get it. You may call me crazy, but I call me desperate. My name’s Johnny Sweet and my penis grew through penis enlargement methods from 3.5 inches to 8.5 inches. I know it sounds like cool (and it is) but I nearly ruined it – and my bank balance – trying to get to where I am now; and I don’t want that to happen to you…

I wasn’t being greedy in the decade that I sought penis enlargement, but I was being damn stupid! When buying anything you have to separate the wheat from the chaff. I, rather obviously, didn’t! The problem with the penis enlargement world is that, unlike cars or a new stereo system, you can’t get many reviews on penis enhancing products. The industry is so full of scammers that you don’t know whether a review on a website is real or just made up. I certainly didn’t, and I got stung to the tune of over $17,000!

I tried many brands of penis pills, only to learn (when I researched why they weren’t working) that they can contain manure, E Coli and lead (Source: Wikipedia). I wasn’t a happy guy. I realized I was putting my health on the line in search for a bigger penis. I did it countless times again. Penis extenders also led to over a month of impotence. I still believe that if I hadn’t stopped I could be sat here with irreversible damage; impotence for life. I tried jelling too, thinking that it’s safer, and maybe it is, but it didn’t work for me. I’m not telling you that these products fail, I’m simply telling you that for me they failed. One thing I have learned is that natural products are the best.

I looked for a product that uses the biochemistry of a man who’s just finished puberty as a guide to natural penis growth. Your penis grew during puberty after all. I searched high and low and found two products, each costing over $2,500. I only momentarily winced at the price tag, but after doing a little more research I found a better (well, cheaper) alternative.
I found Penis Enlargement Bible

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