PENILE CURVATURE CORRECTION WITH MINIMUM SHORTENING of the penis with a new technique from Andromedi

Lateral penile curvature is a quite frequent condition, affecting 4-10% of males. It is caused by an asymmetric embryonic development of the corpora cavernosa (congenital penile curvature), or by Peyronie´s Disease.
When surgical approach is indicated, several techniques can be carried out, such as plication, Nesbit, 16-dot and others. The overall success rate in terms of straightening is quite good with all techniques. However, penile shortening is the major complaint after the surgery, as it corrects the curvature by shortening the convex, longer side of the penile shaft, to make it even with the short side.
For men with good quality erections, who have more severe or complex curvature, grafting is preferred (after plaque incision or excision) to lengthen the short side of the penis.
This new technique is based on the combination of plication on the longer side and grafting on the shorter, which reduces the shortening effects of traditional techniques.

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