Natural Penis Growth – Bigger Penis Exercises You Can Start Right Now – Exercising the Penis

Most people are under the impression that it is just one or two exercises that need to be done in order to enlarge the penis. Many are also not aware of the fact that a schedule needs to be followed in order to achieve maximum results. It is useless to read vague instructions off the Internet and then over exercise your penis as this will not give you any results. You might be doing more harm than good by following you tube videos or amateur instructions.

What constitutes a good penis exercise program?

A good program needs you to spend 6-8 minutes a day, 5 times a week, for about 8 weeks.
There is however no need to continue after the 8 week period. The gains in length or girth (over 2 inches at least) that one achieves remain for life.
Good programs combine over 30 different types of exercises in various time frames.
A reputed program will first give you an introduction stage, a beginner stage, a standard stage and then advanced workouts to maximize growth.
It is not advisable to jump to advanced stages initially. Would you go to a gym and bench press a huge weight immediately? No, the penis is no different.
Good programs offer excellent safety instructions like warm up instructions, what not to do that are essential to the success of a program.
Videos need to be of high quality in order for the user to understand exactly how they are to be done. Please do not attempt instructions that come in text, there are very good chances that you will do them wrong.
A reputed program comes with customer support service that answers any questions that you might have.

If one decides to choose to enlarge his penis with exercises, it is imperative that they follow quality instructions that offer a step by step process to gradually increase the intensity of the exercises.

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