Male Enhancement Subliminal – Achieve Penis Enlargement

Powerful Audio containing Subliminal Messages/Suggestions to achieve male enhancement/penis enlargement through healthy, masculine and empowering thoughts.

Listen to the audio at least 3 times a day or more, but try not to “overdose”. Speed and extent of results vary from person to person. Patience, positivity and belief is the key to seeing successful results. The best time to listen is when you are relaxed, although you can listen to this while reading, writing, and other low-energy activities.

You do not need to watch the video or visualise anything, just listen to it.
Audio can be downloaded into mp3 :)

Warning: Do not listen to this audio while driving, operating dangerous machinery or any other risky activities. By listening to this audio you are taking responsibility for your own health and safety.

This audio includes Alpha and Theta brain waves and isochronic tones (5 Hz to 10 Hz) to help the listener become more receptive to the subliminal messages, affirmations and suggestions.

Music used is epic powerful emotional music by Mattia Cupelli found at this link:

Several voices are used at the same time to give depth and extra effectiveness to the audio.

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