How To Make A Penis Enlargement Potion (With Spell)

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Whether it’s you or your partner who is lacking in the trouser region, this potion will help you scale thing up in no time at all.

First you’ll need some killer whale semen. You can either collect a fresh sample yourself or you can buy a vile from any shop which specialises in sexual fluids.

Next, rub some thyme around the inside of your toilet bowl. Remember to wash your hands, then crumble the thyme in to your potion.

Delicately shave a bat’s testicles, stir the fur in to your mixture and add half a litre of low calorie lemonade.

Then simply apply the potion to the inadequate member and recite the following spell from the book of shadows.

Spirits of the abyss, answer my plea,
I wish to be equipped with more than a flea.
I command thee now,
Listen to my desire,
I want a long winky that’s thicker than wire.

Repeat this spell once day and your wish should be fulfilled within five working days.


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