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ED Reverser Review
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ED Reverser is authored by Max Miller. It is a program that reveals clinically proven facts about ED and natural techniques and ideas to treat it permanently. The ED Reverser program is provided in type of a digital PDF that you can quickly download on your PC or mobile device. It is a step by step guide that has currently been utilized by thousands to cure impotence. The ED Reverser eBook is well organized revealing the real reasons for ED and sharing natural remedies such a weather change in diet to much healthier portions to treat the disease.


There is a lot to gain from the ED Reverser program. To begin with, the program recommends a complete list of essential nutrients including proteins, amino-acids and select enzymes. Max Miller, in ED Reverser, notes that through using diet plan, one can increase the blood circulation to the sexual organ thus beating ED. To this end, he shares all the information required about foods and nutrients.

The ED Reverser program operates in an easy way:

Erection is accomplished as a result of capillary relaxing and the penis being engorged with blood. Nevertheless, when you suffer ED, these capillary do no unwind. Swelling squeezes close these blood vessels obstructing blood from getting into your penis. When the swelling is persistent, it results to long term erectile dysfunction.

ED Reverser shares inflammation destroying foods that will provide you an erection after a few weeks. It likewise shares sandwich recipes, 13 foods you have to avoid and natural supplements to take to conquer ED.

The ED Reverser program shows you 11 way of life techniques such as relaxing exercises that beat inflammation, ways to cook your food under low temperature and the best ways to avoid stress. Max Miller keeps in mind that stress is a major cause of ED. He extracts his information from Harvard Anxiety, Anxiety and Stress Research Center.

Common Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

1. Endocrine Diseases

The endocrine system of men produces hormones that control reproduction, metabolism, sexual function, mood, and other activities. Diabetes is a very common endocrine disease that makes men have this condition. Diabetes adversely affects the body’s potential to utilize the insulin hormone. One of the severe side effects related with chronic diabetes is excessive nerve damage. The nerve damage consequently affects penile sensations. Other complications associated with chronic diabetes are poor blood circulation and low levels of hormone secretion. These two complications highly contribute to impotence.

2. Neurological and Nerve Disorders

Some neurologic conditions can also increase chances of erectile dysfunction. Nerve conditions may also limit the brain’s capability to communicate with reproductive systems hence preventing patients from achieving a stable erection. Men who are at a significant risk of having an erectile dysfunction are those who have had prostate gland surgeries and long-distance bicycle riders. Some of the neurological disorders related to impotence include:

Alzheimer’s disease
Multiple sclerosis
Stroke brain or spinal tumors
Temporal lobe epilepsy.

3. Certain Medications

Long usage of certain drugs can inhibit blood flow consequently leading to impotence. Examples of medications that are associated with impotence include:

• Alpha-adrenergic blockers like tamsulosin

• Beta-blockers like carvedilol and metoprolol

• Chemotherapy medications like cimetidine

Conditions that inhibit the hearts and its capability to pump adequately blood can cause impotence. That is because, without adequate blood flow to the penis, a man cannot attain or retain an erection. Atherosclerosis, an arterial condition that clogs blood vessels can also cause impotence. High cholesterol levels in the body as well as high blood pressure are also associated with sexual inability.

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