200 Days of Foreskin Restoration Pictures In 14 Seconds

Circumcision reversal timelapse. For medical professionals, activists, parents, and any affected man who wants his skin back.

MORE INFO: http://www.restoringforeskin.org

Note to flaggers: This site has numerous videos of child and adult genital mutilations in addition to adult penile exams. This non-sexual video shows vital proof of the effectiveness of a medical therapy for reducing the problems associated with male genital mutilation, while simultaneously raising awareness of said problems to deter doctors and parents from needlessly mutilating future boys.

This is 200 days of timelapse pictures of my foreskin restoration progress. I take the pictures once a week (seven at a time).

My story:

I was two days old when a doctor cut my penis for no medical reason. She amputated 70% of my penile skin (a “tight, American circumcision.”)

25 years later, I found out I could grow more skin, by applying tension each day, restoring some of my penis’ natural functionality.

I was so shocked by the improvements, that I decided to document the process to raise awareness about genital mutilation and give hope to other men who are suffering the ill effects of circumcision.

Benefits: More skin = gliding action, no more tight painful erections, vastly more enjoyable sex and masturbation. De-keratinization or de-callousing of the glans and inner skin returns the dried-up, calloused circumcised penis into its natural state — a moist, smooth, sensitive mucous membrane with greatly improved capacity for pleasure.

These are the first 200 days of my project. Please subscribe to my channel for future updates and watch out for my 365 day (1 year) update in September.

Also watch to the end of the video for a special message to the corrupt, no-ethics medical organizations continuing to push the barbarity of child sexual cutting, such as AAP, ACOG, AMA, AAFP, and CPS.

Special thanks to: Intactivists, ethical medical professionals, and my fellow restorers… K.O.T.!

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