The Jelq Penis Enlargement Exercises – MUST SEE!! The Jelq Penis Enlargement Exercises
According to statistics, the average penis girth is about 4.84 inches and is still not enough to satisfy a woman in bed with 67 to 70 percent of women admitting their being unhappy with their partners’ size. Men who are new to manhood enhancement efforts and are distrustful of products which entail everyday taking, can first start with exercises. The following are penis enlargement exercises with resultant increase in girth:

1) Ultimate jelq watch: Apply lubricant to your penis and stimulate it until it is semi-erect. With one hand, grip you penis base by forming an okay sign. Milk your penis moving toward the head in three seconds. Hold the position upon reaching the head. Do the same using your other hand. When you reach the head, remove your first hand and replace it with your second hand. Repeat the process of milking with alternating hands.
2) One-handed jelq: Lubricate and massage your penis until it is half erect. With one hand, make an okay sign with palm facing away from your body. While gripping your penis, milk the shaft from the base going to the head, which should take about three seconds to reach the head.
3) Jelq and hold: The jelq and hold is just a variation of the ultimate jelq. Instead of removing both your hands after milking, you have to hold your penis for ten seconds with the second hand.

With the jelqing exercises, it is important to take note never to grip your penis too tightly as to cause rupture of the ligaments and veins. It is enough to hold your penis enough to constrict the blood from escaping. Be sure also to use a lubricant to facilitate the movement of the hand from the base to the head. You can also start your penis enlargement exercises by wrapping the penis with a towel soaked in warm water for about five minutes to make it soft and to promote blood flow.

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