Penis Enlargement Surgery?? NO THANKS, Use these exercises and GET Permanent Results Penis Enlargement Surgery?? NO THANKS, Use these exercises and GET Permanent Results Free Penis Enlargement Exercises – 2 Quick and Easy Ways To Get Started Many men (like myself) who have wasted hundreds or even thousands of dollars on useless penis enlargement pills, pumps, stretchers, and other products have come to realize that penis enlargement is much like anything else in life: If you want it done right you have to do it yourself. For me this meant taking direct control of my gains and making sure that every minute I put in was getting me results. In order to do this I followed a penis enlargement exercise guide and was able to achieve some impressive results, but there were two exercises I found very effective in the beginning and I’m going to give them to you so you can start putting together a routine that works for you.

First of all, before you start this first exercise, take a warm towel or a washcloth that has been soaked in water and wrap it around your penis for a couple minutes. This warmth will encourage the penis to engorge a bit and become more easily workable and responsive to the the exercises. However, for the first exercise I’m going to teach you, horizontal motion, you don’t want to be too hard, about 70% of a full erection is the ideal state.

Exercise #1) Horizontal Motion: Begin this exercise by putting some sort of lotion of lubricant on your penis (it’s not what it sounds like!), and then by making an OK sign or a ring out of your thumb and forefinger on both hands. Place one of the rings you’ve created around the base of your penis as close to your body as possible, and place the other around the tip of your penis; squeeze both hands firmly but gently.

Next, slowly move the hand at the tip of your penis down your shaft, squeezing the whole time, until you meet with your base hand. Then move it slowly back to its starting position. Congratulations on your first repetition of horizontal motion. You’ll want to do 30 or so of these per workout in the beginning, adding 5 or so each day as you work your way up.

Exercise #2) Kegels: The Kegel is a much simpler exercise and doesn’t even involve your hands. First you’ll need to simply get a full erection so that your penis is as heavy as possible. Next, while standing up, flex the PC muscle at the base of your penis rapidly. IF done correctly, your penis should sort of “hop” upward. Hold this for 3 seconds, then release, repeating 15-20 times for a beginner’s workout.

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